GeForce3 PixelShader Test #2 V1.0(1.12 MByte) (EXE)

It is not my intention to damage you, but you have to use this for your own risk. This means, Iīm not responsible for any damage caused by it. It is prohibited to sell or use this in any commercial way. If you want to publish or present it for downloading, you have to contact me.

framerate about 68 fps, 2x2 ordered grid antialiasing, 11 layers with the same texture, the pixels are rejected in on one of the layers depending on the texure-alpha, normals z-buffer writes, dot3 bump mapping (deactivated - you canīt see it but it still needs processing power)

The shader should work on most graphic cards. This demo is only a quick hack. I havenīt and will not spend too much time in polish it.